z*stonish End of Summer Update

It’s unbelievable how fast summer has gone and it was a busy one!

In June I had the wonderful opportunity of working with hypnotist Jim Wand all while breaking a world record with the most amount of hypnotists on stage in one show. It was such a great experience!

Hypnotica with Jim Wand

Then from there I traveled the Midwest performing my comedy hypnosis and magic shows for fairs and hometown festivals, with stops in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. I met a lot of new people at my shows and it was awesome!

Fair and festival entertainment

To finish up July I performed alongside Travis Nye in his hometown of Keokuk, Iowa. To a sold out crowd, we rocked the house with our show #PremonitionLive!

#PremonitionLive Keokuk

To finish up August I had an epic show at Wayne State! It was the second time I’ve performed my comedy hypnosis show for the college and they are excited to bring me back for a third show!


Then to wrap up a fun summer, I finished with a street magic and hypnosis tour in New York and New Jersey. We got an insane amount of video footage of myself performing in Times Square and Jersey Shore. I’m excited to release the videos in a mini YouTube series, which I’ll announce soon!

New York & New Jersey Magician

(Of course while I was in New York I had to see Wicked on Broadway and Blue Man Group!)

Blue Man Group New York

Right now I am underway working with Travis Nye on our next big performance, #PremonitionLive which is playing at the Sioux Falls Orpheum on October 8th.

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Author: Abigail Henderson

Abigail Henderson is a fun-loving, New York comedian. She loves to entertain people and giving them a good laugh!

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