Magic Tricks to Impress your Girlfriend

Want to know about some fun Magic Tricks to impress your girlfriend or any girl. Professional Magicians always have a stock of fun tricks that can easily astonish a girl. Clearly Magicians are much better than normal guys to play the game of Dating. They are perfect in the art of getting attention and creating a mystery. But nothing to worry off, if you don’t know anything about Magic you can purchase some Magic tutorials from a Magic Supply Store, which also provides Magic Accessories or equipments.

Now let us have a look at some of the best Magic Tricks you can learn to get her number.

Magic Trick 1:

Do As I Do

This magic tricks is for two people who does the same things for the two different decks and finally come up with the matching Cards. Once you are mastered in this trick you can easily get the phone number in the process.

Magic Trick 2:

Here and There
This trick was made famed by the great magician David Blaine that includes two cards deal placed whereas one of the cards is tightly planted between her hands.

Magic Tricks 3:

Mind Reach

This magic trick is advancement of classic old trick in which she will pick and choose a series of Cards without seeing them. When it is the time the reveal the Cards she will come to know that she nailed every pick including the Card with your number.

Magic Trick 4:


This is one of the best and most powerful Magic Trick to impress any girl. Once you are mastered in this Magic trick you can simply mind read the girl’s chosen number. In this trick tell a girl to write her number on the backside of your Business card then put the card in an envelope and seal it. You will then reveal the number written without ever opening the envelope.

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Magic Tricks to Impress your Girlfriend

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